Health: The Mind-Body Relationship

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We all know that our behaviors have an impact on our health. For instance, our exercise habits, and whether we smoke or drink all affect our physical health. One concept that we tend not to consider is that our minds also have the ability to produce thoughts that can dictate what the body does and in turn, affect our health.

Understanding Calories and Exercise

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What exactly is a calorie and how do you figure out how many calories you burn with exercise?

A calorie is actually a measure of heat or energy. This energy is contained within the chemical bonds of food and in substances which the body stores as fuel (glycogen and body fat). During activity, these substances are degraded in a series of reactions which releases the energy and transforms it into kinetic movement and heat.

Is your cardio training effective at fat burning?

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In order to maximize fat loss, we need to maximize caloric expenditure so that calories into our bodies are less than calories out. In order to maximize caloric expenditure, we need to maximize the amount of oxygen we are consuming when we exercise. We utilize more oxygen when we involve more muscle mass. So any activity that involves more muscle mass will make fat loss easier. So consider these fine-tuning tips:

Training With Heart Rate Monitors

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Most modern exercise machines contain electronic displays showing calories burned, miles completed, feet or floors climbed or meters rowed. Now some exercise machines provide you with a means to monitor your heart rate. Are these advanced technical gadgets necessary? How accurate are these heart rate monitors?

Exercise for Seniors

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Strength training programs on resistance equipment is the fitness investment for the older population. Consistent strength programs have shown evidence that people 67 to 91 years of age will increase in muscular strength, functional mobility and balance. Both men and women will have similar increases in strength and muscle mass (Munning 1993).